Ohhh Jizuz

ass so fat you can see it from the front

acid beth



#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…
This is Amerikkka 2014

with his chips still in his hand

this is the most accurate picture of America



#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…

This is Amerikkka 2014


with his chips still in his hand

this is the most accurate picture of America

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american wankster

I’ve been wanting to hold a candle to your love speak she said but softly wonder her wonder woman vile snake evil lich behoned le ze behold the ice is cold and you shiver words destroy into dust learn or burn faggot 
where is the umbrella its raining sin today - fall from grace pun intended
quaker oaths and quaker oats deserve silence not science protestant paddles make the world go round
grace ethics work ethics female addicts deserve congruency and facial symmetry through rhinoplasty;


the plastic is toxic can you believe its not water what has the world come to I have to walk for my mail barbarian barbarians they piss in the sink
how could they how could you unzip your pants slut you whore
dirty cunt pull up your diaper don’t suck on the urinal these hoes deserve banal anal I wish to touch your eyes the hazel heaven knows her nose the easel her purse I would love to weasel ease into the simple pleasures 

To the heretic speaking phony phonetics,

Sexual dichotomy regarding hyperboles awareness and lack of behind it

You kiss mama with that filthy hole learn to wipe before you marry

shout out to big E
may you stay busy 



Recall your earliest childhood memory. How old are you in this memory? Four? Five? Developmental neuroscience tells us we do not form episodic memories before the age of three. Supposedly, memories from before this time are merely phantoms— errors in the brain’s memory formation process. Ordinary…

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take a break you said

The sun rises and the moon sets. Today is a special day. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, your life, and everyone else’s life. Look behind you and you may not see much, look forward and you may not see anything at all. If your vision isn’t too great, maybe you’ll be dead soon. But for the rest of us here on Earth toiling the wages of our sin, there’s a whole lot of work to do.

Even the moon grows tired of her illusions.

With each passing day I grow lonely. Sometimes I get lost in my work but other times I get lost in my sheets, waiting for who knows what. 

Summer’s been treating me well. Very well. Too much of a good thing can put you to sleep. I need something to keep me busy, fixated. 

So I brought a drum pad.

In the chaos and struggle and haze of trying to learn something from scratch, this machine proved itself to be a distraction.

The layers and the layers and the layers keep on going but where is the original?

I don’t want to be a part of this rat race.

I want to pour myself into something real.

Even when I’m alone I act like there’s somebody watching.

I can’t look at children in their eyes because I’m afraid.

Who wants to be understood? Who wants to be solved? People aren’t problems, but they act like so. Who the fuck is gonna want to barge into your life and figure you out?

It makes me sort of happy when I see someone with their shit straight.
Then I wonder if I saw that right.

I’m a selfish bastard

I can feel the tired in my veins. My hands are cold, clammy. My head is heavy and my heart sags. At times I forget to breathe and when I do I find that there’s a lack of oxygen in the air.

It’s hard to feel secure when you’re moving at the speed of now.

I feel like the yellow patch of grass under the rusted fence.

What is an adult and am I one yet? 

When am I supposed to be ready

The sun is out I am supposed to be awake

but this is a very bad rehearsal

a horrible, horrible line

and a much worse lie.

Sometimes I wonder what’s in this shell

It’s hard to take a peek without cracking it open.